1. Competitive Rates


The total cost to factor an invoice typically ranges between 1% and 3% of the total invoice value.

More specifically, this is calculated based on two fees: a 1% processing charge on the advance amount and an 8% discount charge per annum on the advance amount, pro-rated daily.

Many banks and factoring organisations have discount charges ranging from 10% to 24% per annum, which is significantly more than our rates.

2. No Charges Imposed During Late Payment Time Periods


Many factoring companies will charge a penalty to the vendor, if the original buyer pays the factoring company after the agreed payment due date.

However, Sunway Credit does not charge any fees during an overdue time period. Therefore, you know the maximum cost for each invoice that you factor.

3. Fast and Reliable. Part of a Leading Conglomerate in Malaysia


Sunway Credit is a new venture and part of Sunway Group. Sunway Group has grown from a tin mining company in the 1970s to one of Malaysia's leading conglomerates, comprising a 15,000-strong team across 50 locations and 12 business divisions. 

Sunway Group recognizes that vendors play an important role in helping to grow its many businesses. One reason Sunway Credit was established is to provide a fast, reliable way for vendors to improve cash flow when needed.